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The board were so positive about the strategic planning workshop - and the role you played - not only in facilitating great discussions which got us to a good place, but also in providing them context of the sector as a whole. Thanks again.

Felicity Michael
General Manager, Deniliquin Children's Centre

I can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance yesterday, you were very inspiring to the team and everyone was very excited about the changes

Janice Semple, Director, The Range Children's Centre


 Corangamite Shire #oneteam

"thank you for this mornings presentation which certainly lead to some robust conversation and perhaps a hint of ‘confronto’ we thoroughly enjoyed this."

CASSIE HOBBS, General Manager Kids ELC

"Thank you SOOO much for today … despite all the difficulties, you turned up, with a smile and leapt straight into it like the pro that you are … and let me assure you .. you were worth it! This is exactly what I had hoped for and what I think that we needed."

Debra Clarke Head of Practice Improvement Goodstart NSW/ACT

"This process (journey) has certainly been invaluable to my team but also to myself"
"You have been very inspiring this year and I want to say thank you.  What I have learned is that while I do read and “research” my practices - I am going to be more diligent in documenting the process. By documenting this journey - it has certainly aided in keeping us on track and focused on WHY we made the change.

I was able to draw their attention back to the research we’ve done about why we adopted the “pedagogical play approach” and they had some wonderful “ah-ha” moments. Without this project and your passion about us being researchers AS WELL as teachers - I would have let these moments pass."

Kym Harbour, Churchill Central Preschool. 2021.

"Thank you and Farewell"
"Thank you for all that you have brought to my journey throughout my life as a teacher and as a PSFO.

No matter in what context it has been that I have worked with you, I have always found you to be supportive, encouraging, fun, a brilliant communicator, engaging and so very knowledgeable whilst challenging me to give my very best."

R Cozens, Preschool Field Officer. (October 2021) 

"Fantastic Catharine!"
"That was the most interactive 2 hour online session I have been to. You certainly have perfected the online format - well done."

Cathie, Children's Services Project Officer. (October 2020) 

"I seriously cannot thank you enough for today.  As usual you really made me think deeply about my practice but also you have also challenged staff to think deeply about their children and children’s context within their families and their community.  Practically you have provided us all with some strong direction which all members of each team can embrace and learn from.  I am sure this knowledge will be such a valuable tool in enhancing the quality of the programs that we deliver."

Glenda, Early Years Coordinator. (October 2020)

"I am writing this email to you to say a big thank you for our chat ... providing some encouraging words to keep me going. I really appreciated the time you spent. I passed the two units..."

Sandy, Yulara

"Your manner with the Indigenous staff and ability to engage them in a challenging training environment was commendable and not unnoticed by them."

Team Leader Children's Services, Mt Liebig.

"Looking forward to another great evening"   Eliza.

"Thank you for all that you have have taught us. I am forever grateful for all of the wisdom and provocations you have shared with me and my team.   We are all better educators because of you."   L. Munn.

"...another great session, everyone mentioned it was so nice to have open and honest conversations ... brought our team even closer together..."   The children's centre at the Body Shop

"You continue to motivate me to be a better leader and take things to the next level.  Keep being you!"  

R. Klinger.

"You consistently manage to inspire me to remain focused on what's important in Early Childhood - particularly when the big picture stuff can slip away so very easily out here, and I thank you for that!"   H. Scully

I just wanted to give some amazing feedback on the ED leader sessions in particular Catharine herself, I think she is so engaging and that her sessions are really good at getting people engaged and thinking outside of the square.  Any more opportunities that may arise to work with her I think would be beneficial for all in the future. 

Educational Leader NSW