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Little People Big Dreams Conference

Saturday 16 October 2021 Keynote Speaker #2 - Ms Catharine Hydon
"Knowing Our Impact: Becoming Leading Professionals In Early Childhood Education"

Purpose and Professionalism: Supporting career longevity in ECEC.

Join Catharine Hydon, Professor Sue Irvine, Associate Professor Fay Hadley, and selected Victorian early childhood teachers and educators discussing Purpose and Professionalism: Supporting career longevity in ECEC.

This series of two free webinars will explore both current research and inspiring practice as we focus on supporting early childhood teachers and educators across our sector. Drawing on a balance of research and experience, these webinars will navigate current and effective strategies that build our workforce. Within these webinars, we explore questions such as:

  • What do we need, as educators, to build long term-careers in early childhood education?
  • What strategies are effective as we focus on career growth?
  • How can we continue to build a sense of purpose and professionalism to help sustain us as a sector?
  • How do effective teams help us to build satisfying careers in early childhood education?

Webinar 1:  Monday 18 October 2021, 3.30 pm–4.30 pm AEDT
Webinar 2:  Tuesday 26 October 2021, 4.00 pm–5.00 pm AEDT

Website: ECA Events - DET Vic Purpose and Professionalism

2022 ECA Reconciliation Symposium

Catharine will once again be a Co-facilitator with Jo Goodwin at Early Childood Australia’s 2022 Reconciliation Symposium to explore reconciliation within the sector.

Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Esplanade Darwin, Northern Territory.
Date: May 2022

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